vietnamese beef soup with noodles

251Pho Dac Biet12.50
medium-rare beef, well-done beef and beef balls
252Pho Tai10.99
medium-rare beef
pepper 253Pho Tai, Satay10.99
medium-rare beef in satay soup
254Pho Chin10.99
well-done beef
255Pho Chin, Bo Vien10.99
well-done beef and beef balls
pepper 256Pho Chin, Satay10.99
well-done beef in satay soup
257Pho Bo Vien10.99
beef balls
258Pho Ga10.99
259Pho Bo Ga10.99
beef and chicken
260Pho Khong10.99
vegetables and tofu
261Plain Rice Noodle in Beef Broth7.99
262Beef Broth4.50
broth only

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