* * * * * GOOD-BYE ! * * * * *

With great regrets, Spring Basil is closing its doors to the public on the evening of Oct 23, 2022.

We are honoured to have served the community since August 2010. We were particularly proud and moved when many of you told us you love our food. Most importantly, we are greatly humbled and grateful to have your support.

For the past 12 years, our team has been working extremely hard to serve you with high quality food, however, we feel it is time that we pause and start a new chapter in our lives. Some of us are eager to spend more time with our families as new grandparents, others have different plans for the future.

One thing in common among us is that we will miss all your familiar and friendly faces at our restaurant. We hope our paths in life will cross again and often and we can reminisce on the good times we had at Spring Basil.

While we will soon forget the sweat and tears we shed in all these years, the joy and satisfaction we had will stay with us forever.

As we gracefully bow out, a new owner will take over the location and serve the community.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank all those who worked long and hard with us building our reputation. Without you, there won't be a great Spring Basil story.

Wishing everyone all the best as well as great health and appetite,

Spring Basil.

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